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Tis proud I am to have Nuala Ní Chonchúir now following this blog. Even prouder though am I to have Merc’s World be the last blog stop (November) on Nuala’s Virtual Book Tour which kicks off next month at Snow like Thought in the Land of the Long White Cloud. What’s this all about? It’s about nude, Nuala’s collection of stories published by SALT which I’m now reading.

ps I’ve had to amend the spelling of one word in the title of this post. It seems that Nude all caps has an EU trademark on it and I really don’t want to be sued by Mrs Bono! Thanks to Rachel for the info link in her latest post at Snow like Thought.

5 thoughts on “Following Nude – Nuala Ní Chonchúir

  1. Hullo, and very nice it is to meet you! Just returning your visit. Glad you like the run up to the start of Nuala’s tour…I’m nervous being the first but at least it can only get better! Can’t wait to follow the tour around the world. And now I know you are here, I can pop back anytime 🙂

  2. A real world tour, Nuala indeed. And I’ll be following it closely and hope I can come up with a fitting finale.

  3. You see what you’ve gone and done. I was minding my own business and getting on quite well with Doris for many many months and now JR starts blogging and I’ll be like a snowflake in hell soon. 34 degrees forecast for Thursday. How long is a chesire cat’s grin?

  4. Be still my beating heart!You’re gathering followers like a snowball gathers snow, Merc. (Only if it’s rolling, of course. Non-rolling snowballs are crap at gathering snow.)

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