2. höfleiner donauweiten poesiefestival – the gig

It was overcast, damp and cool on Saturday, so we moved inside to a full house under the guidance of Dieter Berdel and Heinz Pusitz. The rehearsal paid off, judging by the reception of our group work. The range of work was amazing: from pieces accompanied by music, to group pieces and presentations by prize-winning KrimiAutorin, Edith Kneifl and Bachmann Prize nominee, Caterina Satanik. The open-mic sessions allowed new talent on the stage. I particularly liked a story about a schoolboy losing and finding himself during swimming classes in Vienna’s Amalienbad. A reading in Serbian brought laughter with well-timed sound effects of breaking cups – the serendipity of a foreign language which we were able to rehear in the German translation. Some of the Labyrinth regulars presented poems and pieces some together with Sandro Miori’s sax. Janus Zeitstein read in Tyrolian lingo a wonderful piece about how we all started out with four arms, four legs and no worries and that the jealousy of the gods chopped us down to size. But somehow, though we humans managed to have the last words. The show went on in the sunshine on Sunday, and oh, the event got a good write up in the local press (in German with 2 pix). There’ll be a CD of the weekend and possibly a book of the contributions … one way to capture the fun fleeting moments.