Blue – the new energy for the future

This year I lost Mum and a dear friend and since then I haven’t been able to write. But I’ve just come out of a wonderful adventure helping to organise a conference at Vienna University.
The conference on educational research with more than 2,000 attendees was serviced by about 170 student volunteers in their blue t-shirts and I’m proud to say the blues stole the show. They did more than that – I think the participants learned a lot from the students who showed “Yes, we can.” And a word to Tanja, my boss: “Honey, we did it!” We also put on a lovely evening with Schrammel Musik by the Soyka-Stirner Duo.
I’ve worked at a lot of international conferences, big and small, in my time, but never with such an army of volunteers. The adrenaline flowed and the buzz was amazing. The students, I’m sure learned a lot, but I’d like them to know that I learned a lot, too, for which I am grateful. And I know that it won’t be too long before I’m writing again.

And here are some Flickrpix before Monday’s registration tsunami.

3 thoughts on “Blue – the new energy for the future

  1. Thanks for your words, Rachel. It’ll come.Possum, who’s the mum now? Yes, we can, and will. C u soon. Luv u 2.

  2. Hi mum, I am glad the conference went extraordinarily well (which is no surprise…you always knew how to through a mean conference :-P). I am really proud of you. I’m sorry you haven’t been able to write, but we both know you will and it will be sooner than later. This is just a hurdle we have to frog-leap over and we’ll do it. We always do ;).Love you

  3. So sorry you lost your mum, and friend. I cannot imagine your grief. I am glad you are finding a way through it though and I hope you can write again soon.

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