My work has been plagiarised!

I always believed, and I still do, that the web is for sharing. My work can be found in a variety of places, but always with acknowledgements, even when I’m not asked. I used to say I didn’t mind if my work got stolen, lifted, reproduced. I used to say I’d be flattered if anyone thought my work good enough to want to steal it. But why should anyone steal with so much free stuff about?

No. What I object to is that a story has been reproduced in toto on a community blog of – get this – a how-to-get-out-of-debt advisor website. Now the person in question has broken the community rules. But the strange thing is that my story has nothing to do with what his/her blog is about. Maybe it’s intended as some sort of literary entertainment. Heavens, what if the person is discovered!

Another strange thing is that the mother website has no contact information. Who is the mystery website owner? No go. But I have written to the registrar for contact information. And just in case our thieving blogger is looking over my shoulder, here is a screen shot of the page.

The original resides at Scribd where it was featured, viewed almost 2,500 times, had 13 reviews and is now for sale for one dollar. But if you can make out the plagiarist’s url from the screen shot, it is available for free until the naughty person is caught, reprimanded, shamed. Or you can wait for my ebook and get it with a whole lot of other stories through fairer channels.