A Pint and a Haircut for Haiti

I´m really pleased that my story, “The Making of An Imaginary Friend”, will be included in the anthology, A Pint and a Haircut, to be published in September by Londubh Books, Ireland.

Garret Pearse was reading Paul Auster´s book True Tales of American Life when news of the Haiti earthquake broke. He felt it would be great to produce an Irish equivalent with as many true Irish stories as possible. All royalties from the sale of the book will go to Concern´s Haiti fund. You can pre-order the book at the publisher´s website.

Here´s another example of someone having an idea and running with it – despite all odds. Passion makes possible, as can be seen from 100 Stories for Haiti. Soon there´ll be true Irish stories for Haiti in the form of A Pint and a Haircut.

4 thoughts on “A Pint and a Haircut for Haiti

  1. Thanks, Rachel. Yes, indeed. And what they mustn´t forget is that the people need the funds so that they can take ownership of their future in a sustainable manner. This is the second such initiative that I know of involving writers which shows how stories can contribute.

  2. Excellent – well done for you but even better for Haiti. Guess it dosn’t matter how many books come out of the tragedy if each can lessen the after trauma a little by raising much needed funds. And good to hear of the project continuing after many will have forgotten and moved on…

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