Happiness is …

Some wonderful things have been happening recently in my writing life.

Firstly, in order of happening, my paper entitled “Warming Up Before Sitting Down: from online to inter-face writing support” which I submitted to the 2nd International Conference on Creativity and Writing, held in Orivesi, Finland, in November 2010, has been included in the conference papers now stored in the digital archive at Jyväskylä University, Finland.

Then, out of the blue, I was asked to lead workshops in English on short fiction at the Writers´Studio in Vienna. Stay tuned for the autumn/spring programme. These will be nurturing events to help sow seeds of stories and watch them grow.

And thirdly, Canadian Darcie Friesen Hossack, author of the story collection, Mennonites Don´t Dance for which she was nominated for the Commonwealth Prize, has interviewed me on her blog with questions that helped me put my writing life into focus.

I have just finished reading Mennonites Don´t Dance, so stay tuned for my thoughts on this already acclaimed collection of stories.

It´s raining outside in Vienna, but that´s great for my garden – my writing flowers are blooming with happiness.

6 thoughts on “Happiness is …

  1. Thanks, Barbara. Oh, I don’t know about regions and opportunities. I think you make your own. Yes, but the US is not alone, other countries in the gang aren’t doing much better, mine included.

  2. So pleased to hear of all the good writing things coming your way recently. You certainly deserve it.I honestly think there are more opportunities and respect in European Countries for artists/writers etc.My feeling is that the US gives the arts very little attention. They’re certainly giving little thought to governing us either.Be well. B

  3. Thanks for your good words, Rachel. No wilting allowed. The main thing is to do what you do, what you love doing, and keep doing it. The process rules.

  4. Wow – congratulations – I’m really pleased for you!Thoroughly enjoyed your blog interview. And I’m so impressed by all your achievements. Makes me wilt – something to aspire to!

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