Kaffe in Katmandu calling

I trod carefully at first, not knowing what I would find in that place called Kaffe in Katmandu. Existentialists, Dada? I’ve always had an aversion to labels. But then I saw:

“our members believe the world’s large enough to still many creative urges. urge begets expression – we do it daily, we don’t kill nobody, we like it meta and we do it online.”

Now that was something I couldn’t resist. The stuff there is all over the place. And it all makes you think, dream, float. I’m really pleased that some of my work has found a nook there.

So I started a new blog in the vain of the meta and that has a little back-door outrance from the Kaffe. It’s called Merc’s World – writings (can’t escape the mercury blobs) and that’s where I’ll gradually be moving the writings from my blogbooks on this blog, the long and the short. I still have a few navigation lessons to learn, but the sea is calm and the barque steady, and I’ve got all the time in the world. So see you at Kaffe in Katmandu sometime.