Searching for 5 artists!

New Sun Rising: stories for Japan is searching for the artists of the following:

  • Blossom Tree (b/w photograph)
  • Calligraphy (black on white background with black border and stamp;

The meaning of the calligraphy is: 不撓不屈 (ふとうふくつ)
No matter what difficulties you encounter, never let your heart/mind/spirit falter.”

  • Cherry Blossom (pencil drawing, initialled CE)
  • Japanese Blockprint (geisha indoors, white on dark teal-blue background, intialled DS)
  • Kitsune2 (ink, fox against rising sun)

These works were accepted for the anthology. Artists are requested to contact the Editors (newsunrisingeditors[at]ragingaardvark[dot]com) and send high resolution (300 dpi) copies of their artwork.

Contracts will be sent on receipt of notifications.

Please share widely so that we may be able to find the five outstanding artists by deadline.