Mercury Blobs and the little old lady in my garden

My third collection, Mercury Blobs, is now out in Kindle and paperback formats. And hot on its heels is a kindled collection of erotic tales entitled Consuming the Muse, written by AstridL and illustrated by Sharon Ratheiser.

What do the two books have in common?

  • Both are short story collections.
  • Both are published by Raging Aardvark Publishing, Brisbane, Australia
  • Both were published in 2013.
  • Both have blurbs to die for.
  • The authors both live in Vienna.
  • The covers of both are by Sharon Ratheiser, an English artist also living in Vienna.
  • Mercury Blobs  contains contemporary short stories peppered with flash fiction.
  • Consuming the Muse contains erotic tales peppered with artwork.
Why am I talking about these two collections in the same breath?It´s about AstridL.
AstridL is very dear to me. She´s a little older and wiser and lives in my garden. She teaches me to go deeper, be daring, take risks. She teaches me to follow my gut and do my own thing. She´s teaching me to spit, and to blow raspberries, to enjoy my garden and smell my own roses. If it weren´t for her,  I wouldn´t be where I am. She is great fun. She says: “You can!”