I love WOM! or What´s It All About?

Mercury Blobs has arrived at Amazon!

But the exciting thing is that the collection has received a totally unexpected and delightful review, and that review has been popping up all over the place!

This is why I love Word Of Mouth.

One reader connects with what is in my stories. But, not only that, she takes the time to articulate her thoughts in public places, for no other reason than my stories having spoken to her. And there is another gift for me, the writer. Her words about individual stories have opened my eyes to things going on, perhaps unconsciously, things I was unaware of during the process of writing and compiling the collection, the latter with the help of Nik Perring´s Story Corrective.

This is what it´s all about, not the amazon rankings, the sales, the blessing of a gatekeeper. Rankings and sales are good, but most of my sales are made in the most unexpected ways and at the most unexpected times. My readers, it seems, are also all over the place – just like my stories.

Photo via The Vienna Review

I´ve already been asked to do a reading from Mercury Blobs at Shakespeare and Co. in Vienna.

So when the Kindle version is out and when the books arrive, I´ll be reading in my favourite bookshop where the most likely and unlikely books abound, space is limited and no one ever spills a drop of wine.

(Amazon is not really cheaper, and does not have the eclectic delights available at Vienna´s Shakespeare and Co.; so do swing by the old Ruprecht Church, have a drink in the Irish pub next door, and enjoy some quality browsing.)

A happy writer!