Will you tell the Guardian?

Would those who enjoyed my 2012 selfpublished Kindle of The Past Present, that came out from a small UK publisher in 2001 which folded a few years later, care to read to the end of this article and follow suite? I have pasted the form below so that you can see what all this is about.

My other collections came out with Australian publishers, IP (Back Burning) and Raging Aardvark (Mercury Blobs and AstridL´s Consuming the Muse). Only a few copies of Back Burning are still  available and I intend to selfpublish the paperback and Kindle in a new revision. See the tab at the top of this blog for What people are saying ….

You can add this link where requested –  https://amazon.com/author/sylviapetter
or this one https://www.sylviapetter.com/ or even the link to my blog above  http://mercsworld.blogspot.com

Thanks for your support and maybe you´ll see me in The Guardian. 😉

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