Book News!

Book News!

Things have been moving in the background with Flo Do Books now having five books available, of which one is only available there. Hint: it´s in German only.

And there is a lovely human interest story percolating in the background of the German version of Winds of Change.

May I just put in a plug for a book recently launched by Michael Hain and his Lesetheater.

Romeo & Julia in Corona is now available from the big As and from my bookshop with all proceeds going to PCs für Alle.

I’ve been literary zoom speed dating in Sydney pitching my second novel, Ambergris, and I tell you, the time zones are killers. I have a secret alternative strategy should there not be any takers, for I believe in this book. 

I also met up with Hillary Keel, as she whizzed through Vienna, to talk about how we are going to move forward with the translation of Günther Kaip´s Miniaturen and their publication in English in 2022.

And I have identified a local printer for the German translation of Ed´s Wife also foreseen for publication in 2022.

And me? Well, I´m working in a Nancy Stohlman workshop on a hysterical historical memoir in flash structured around international telco, education and lit conferences from 1972 to date.

Oh, and my books will be with IG Autoren on their stand at Buch Wien in November.

That´s about all for the moment. So stay safe as you proceed, as always, onwards!