Reaching out to a vaccine-hesitant friend as a last-ditch effort to save a friendship and perhaps more

Scan your QR code and go to my blog.

Let me know that it´s you with a captcha.

Calm down with a cup of tea. 

Swill some of it in your mouth.

Don´t spit.

Open your mind.

Think of my daughter in Sydney trying so hard to get a vaccine.

Vaccinated ones can still get sick. 

You are right. 

Empirical results have shown that.

And they can infect others. 

You are right.

Empirical results have shown that.

Unvaccinated ones do it all quicker.

Science has shown that.

Unvaccinated ones can make others sick. 

Can make others die.

Science has shown that.

Astrology doesn´t help here.

Science does.

Do not drink the Kool-Aid. 

None of it aids. 

And it´s not Kool.

Science is cool.

Esoterica doesn´t help here.

It´s just touch feely.

Massages your opinions.

Open your mind now!

Beware of your YouTube gurus.

Don´t die on me friend.

Don´t prove me right.

Please get a jab.

Who will care for your dog?

God won´t.

God doesn´t care.

Why should s/he?

Please get a jab.

I don´t want to lose you.

Don´t log out yet.


I´m so sorry.