Blown away by the new generation

I’ve been looking at some blogs with all the gizmos, and then thinking about recent meetings I’ve been lucky to have had with people in the 18 to 24 age range.

Ok, I know there are persons out there with big problems – the recent Montreal tragedy comes to mind. But, get this: in the space of one week, I’ve met young persons – an artist who wants to get into art therapy to finance the purchase of her brushes and paint; a chap who is thinking about doing social work or psychology after he heard about a fellow traveller who worked voluntarily for a number of months with abused kids in Australia’s northernmost North. And this got me thinking about a mate of my daughter, who came through for a bit of R&R a few months ago after, and before, some heavy concerts, and who’s looking at social work as a career, sorry, a vocation.

That’s it. That’s the word. Vocation. But that’s not enough. There’s passion. And passion makes possible.

And in all this I see my daughter on the other side of the world, following her passion. Be free, girl. Ride your wishbone. Follow your passion. Thanks, guys/girls, for blowing me away.