Writing news update

Just had some more news on the Dijon book. A story’s been translated and things look like they’re going ahead with it and my paper; the book in which both will appear should be out by the third quarter of 2007. So the pressure on my crossed fingers is easing up a bit.

Am still waiting to see how my Janette Turner Hospital paper will appear in the proceedings of the International Conference on the Study of the Short Story that was held in Alcala de Henares end 2004. Publication is expected any time soon.

But to bring me back to earth, just had another erotica submission rejected by Clean Sheets. This is the third they’ve turned down in as many years, so there must be something I’m doing wrong.

2 thoughts on “Writing news update

  1. It’s a wise Possum she is. Big Ta for words. You must get that from Dad. Yeah, the system – a life work that.Luv,Moomey

  2. hey mum, About your eroyica story getting rejected again, I am sorry. But you know what you have to do… Keep at it! I remember someone always telling me to beat the system. As Dori from the movie ‘Finding Nemo’ would say: “just keep swimming, just keep swimming……” (it works best if you add a little tune to it). If you don’t know what I am talking about go watch the movie, dad has it on DVD. So, all you gotta do is: “just keep writing, just keep writing, la, la, la….”Big hug moomey.Love you

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