Blindness, Radio National, thoughts and a wish list

I’ve been in Sydney for 3 weeks now accompanying Mum in adapting to the loss of her sight. The TV’s hardly been on and a new world has opened through the super programmes on Radio National. Great discussions, great coverages. Today, we listened to Fay Weldon talking at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. We’ve also listened to discussions on APEC, and the varying opinions on what it’s really worth. (Well the taxpayer will have a mighty bill, and Sydney has hit the headlines. But I wonder if a fence is the right thing, although there was a pic in the SMH showing Bush & his Oz mate fenced in.)

It’s all related really and comes back to the deprived and why they remain so. Economic progress leaves them out, they get frustrated, want to take action. A climate of fear is instilled by the powers that be to bolster their own situation. The media zooms in on the pickings. The cycle goes on and is amplified, causing the silent majority to remain so.

My wish list:
No violence in Sydney. It’s just playing into the hands of the powers that be and their political aspirations – I’m starting to dislike the word, “aspiration”.

Real governance. Maybe too idealistic, but people power might help. There are so many balanced voices out there, and such creative ones. But who’s listening?

Empathy. Hey, Mr President, Mr Prime Minister, and others like you, are you already working on your life after? Try slipping into the shoes of those for whom you’re making decisions.