Vienna Lit Fest – Saturday night and Sunday mornin’

The evening show began with a debate on Lifting the Veil moderated by teacher and authorIrene Montjoye with Mehru Jaffer , author of The Book of Muhammad and Dardis McNamee, Professor and Editor of The Vienna Review. Then Charles Ofoedu, Nigerian poet in Austria, read from his work and spoke of his life. Jackie Kay read from her work, including The Adoption Papers – Jackie had judged the school poetry slam. Here are some pix taken by Glen Sweeney on the night which give an idea of the great atmosphere.

The evening ended with Mornings and Midnights presented by the performance poet, Rommi Smith. Glen Sweeney also captured a great shot of Rommi which graces his own pages.

I haven’t heard from her yet, but Clare Murphy had to be up bright and early on Sunday for her story telling for children workshop to which big people were also invited. If her performance on Friday was anything to go by, the workshop was sure to have been great fun.

This winds up Vienna Lit 2008. We’re hoping that the rumours are true that we won’t have to wait two whole years for the next and that there might be a Vienna Lit Fest in 2009!

2 thoughts on “Vienna Lit Fest – Saturday night and Sunday mornin’

  1. It was fabulous and the workshop went well, well I enjoyed it and I think the students got something from the exercises we did. I’ll let you know if it’s on next year and maybe you can pop over.

  2. It all sounds great. I’ve never actually been to a literary festival, but have always wanted to and just never have gotten the timing right. But I’ve always wondered what it would be like and what would go on there. This one sounded great. I’m sure your workshop went brilliantly as well!

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