Tis the Season!

It´s the night before Christmas as we celebrate here in Vienna on 24 December and I´m looking back on the wonderful gifts I have already received in December.A really fun interview getting personal with  Massimo Marino and another on FC Malby´s blog abut the Vienna Conference next July.Then there was the print publication in a UK charity anthology. A Test of Time,  of my story, “The Rules of the Game”, which was has also been published as a mobile download at Ether Books. (Monies from sales of A Test of Time go to Foodbank.)

And then there´s the terrific support thus far for my crowdfunding project to have my stories published in German!

The collection is called Schimmer der Vergangenheit and the stories were translated by my dear friend and pro translator, Eberhard Hain in Chemnitz. Prize-winning Austrian poet, song and prosewriter, Judith Nika Pfeifer, will ensure that the language sings before the book is submitted for editorial review.

It will be a wonderful book and you can help it to become a reality by supporting its publication. I need 100% support by Valentine´s Day for that to happen, and it looks like it will as I already have 38%.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have supported me and to those who still will.

Passion makes possible!

2014 will be a big year with the Short Story Conference in Vienna in June and all sorts of happenings leading up to it. There is still a lot to do in many areas concerning short stories and I´m looking forward to the forthcoming challenges.

Now I´d like to share with you  the wonderful gift made for the Possum in Sydney by  two young creatives, Sarah at the Fortynine Studio and Tilly at Tilly´s Table.

Enjoy! For´tis the Season and I wish you all the very best for 2014!