Time in Vienna – a block buster?

I’ve never really had writer’s block – I mean there is always something to write about – but lately I have been feeling a bit blah – the climate in Vienna can play havoc with your circulation – I mean there are all those summer outdoors events …. and the all-night open mic at the Kafka on 4 July probably finished me off. But help is here ….

Time and Vienna – a travel guide for Viennese – a photo book by Ronnie Niedermeyer. Not only is this book choc a bloc with b/w pix of things you’d normally miss in this city because they’re right under your nose, but the bilingual captions with those in English often laced with a sly wink are true vehicles for busting any writing block.

Here are just a few and the pix prove they are real. But let your mind fly …

– a fence of world religions
– Bohemian amusement park
– a factory outlet of the Imperial Court Confectioner opposite gate 4 of the Central Cemetery
– an off-picture horse butcher
– a laundry and second-hand media shop

and many more.

Thanks Ronnie. Now to go bust those blocks!