Synchronicity as Your Messages hit off again!

I just love synchronicity!

Just as Your Messages hit off again with 30 OR and I suppose AND 300 words, I can post the French versions of six of Merc’s Shorties that were part of the Your Messages Project in 2007. There’s even a translation of “Chicle Alert!” which appears in the book that was produced in support of Kids’ Company.

Marianne Camus of the University of Bourgogne in Dijon did the terrific renderings in French – how anyone can render any of my stuff in another language never fails to amaze me – and was kind enough to invite me to read the originals at a Colloquium on Women’s Humour earlier this year.

Oh, and another of Merc’s Shorties also got cross-polinated a while ago.

So do have a go. The new Your Messages Project runs all of November. It’s for a good cause, it’ll flex your writing muscles, and you never know where your contributions will land! Oh, and it’s great fun, and there’s even a prize.