After two months in Oz I’m back in Vienna again and de-freezing my broadband. I’m not equipped with state of the art so am happy to be back at the trusty desk in my souk with my hamsters treadling the generator that runs my pc to let me blog again.

Apart from two days in December when I froze, it was hot in Sydney. For the most part I lived like a hermit, ate lots of seafood and worked on my thesis. I exercised daily, rising at dawn for a month – I started late – and walking an elastic 1okm (I kept running out of road for the hour) and swimming 8 little laps. But I also had fun – caught up with friends, saw Australia – the film – and loved it, hung out on Cockatoo Island at the Nick Cave gig, saw progress made with Japanese embroidery (Lyn’s) and serendipity blankets (Mum’s) and attended the ASA Christmas party – not in that order.

My first story in German got published at Gangway in December and next Friday I’ll be “special guest” at the Open Mic at Cafe Kafka where Nathan will emcee the evening. Now to find an exercise routine I can do in the snow in the city – oh, and some pix to dress up this post.