New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan – the book!

When I left in a rush to dash off to Sweden on 11 June for some retreat time to work on my novel manuscript, the charity anthology, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan had just come out on Kindle; the paperback is due out in September. It was an enormous job getting the anthology ready – from tracking down contributors to making final edits and kindling it. But I´m so glad these efforts were made.

In today´s Sydney Morning Herald, I came across this article and this bit stuck out: ”It was a profoundly manmade disaster – that could and should have been foreseen and prevented. And its effects could have been mitigated by a more effective human response.”

Over 60 writers and artists donated prose, poetry and artwork to the anthology. Award-winning Austrian writer and poet, Friederike Mayröcker generously donated a hitherto unpublished poem together with its English translation. Countless volunteers were engaged in supporting this anthology with song, videos, poems, stories which can be seen on the blog.

I´m proud to have a story in the anthology, proud to have been able to contribute to getting it completed and out there. All money raised is being sent to the Japanese Red Cross to help those still affected by the effects of this disaster. This is our human response to help in a perhaps small, but necessary way, to ease a little of what was a disaster the effects of which could have been mitigated if not prevented. Please join us, and as Greg McQueen, founder of 100 Stories for Haiti and 50 Stories for Pakistan says :

“… a book that beat the odds. A book made from determination. From compassion. And by holding it – buying it – reading it – telling others about it – you stand with the writers and artists who created it: ordinary people who watched the lives of strangers destroyed and decided that they needed to help.”

Celebrate with us Japan and its people.