Augusta Days & Nights

I first met Augusta Laar in 2006 when she was leading the poetry writing in the Vienna Poetry School’s workshop Orpheus in Eurydike where I was doing prose with Ernst Molden.
In 2008, I was pleased to participate with her and her husband, Kalle Laar, in a team with Carina Nekolny, Judith Pfeifer and Petra Sturm in a project Sehnsucht Südsee run by the Austrian South Pacific Society through the University of Vienna.
And this led to my participating in Augusta’s Madonna sagt … project where she would send us a postcard and we would amend it and send it back to go on a roving exhibition.

Augusta & Kalle Laar
Augusta lives in Munich, but is often in Vienna, and so we met again this year when I attended her Sissi Reconstructed project performance and once again in another workshop of the Vienna Poetry School, both as students with Judith and a great gang to work with Anne Waldman. And once more I bumped into Augusta and Kalle at the launch of Ernst Molden’s solo album “a so a scheena dog” (in vinyl LP, with a tiny nod to CD).
Augusta is a multi-talented artist, poet and a DJane and has a number of projects going at once. Some, like Kunst order Unfall are with Kalle Laar and others are all her own doing, like the forthcoming international Schamrock Festival in October which brings together women poets from all over the world.
Anne Waldman class presentation in ORF cafe. Photo by Andy Urban.
Here is an artist, créatrice, poet – I was privileged to see the birth of her wonderful bee poem which she wrote in English at the Anne Waldman workshop – discover her works, her nights and days.