More September!

Off to Geneva tomorrow for the Australia Festival in Divonne-le-Bains, France. It’s been years since I’ve been back and am looking forward to it. I recently met up in Vienna with one of the poets performing there, Terry Jaensch, and will be catching his discussion. Aussie journo, Jake Moss, is also rumoured to be reading there. Just wondering how he’ll be travelling to Divonne – horse, bike, arrow? Check out the programme. It’ll be a great event on which I’ll be sure to report when I’m back in Vienna next week.

Also had some neat news: “The Burka” is now at Notes from the Undergound and there’s some splendid art work that goes with it. It’s one of those pieces of art that deserves a closer look, and it works so well with the story.

Another bit of wonderful September news is that my poem (in German) “Ich lebe im al” has been included in Gangway # 43 Women Only issue! Lots of talent from Vienna in that issue. Augusta Laar is there with her bee poem and the poetry class machine from our Anne Waldman workshop. My poem deals with the “al” in Austr(al)ia – a liminal space between two countries. Here’s the fairly modified and shortened English version:

i live in the al … 
 the al of aus-tr-al-ia?

i live in the aus
the aus of aus-lander?
the place of freedom …
the freedom of fools?
not al-one, but al-ways …
 an al-ien?
See you in October then.