On Saturday, I gave a flash fiction workshop at the Australia Festival in Divonne-les-Bains, France. In the small group there was a young girl called Margo (I don´t know if I´ve got the spelling right). She must have been about 10 or 11 years old. We did some freewriting, I asked for an image that stood out. We adults, analytical as we have learned to become, tried to explain ours, but couldn´t really zero in on a vibrant image. Margo – she saw a koala with a pot of Vegemite. The image took us to a billabong where the water had almost dried out, where there were goannas, where there was still a light sludge of the Vegemite over the water, where the koala licked his lips in glee and some bits got stuck in his beardy fur, and … Well, that story is all for Margo to tell.

This blog post is for Margo in Divonne. Thank you for showing us your creativity, telling your story, reminding us what it´s really all about.