It´s the season!

It´s been a year of highlights and low-downs. There was the Geneva Writers´ Conference in February where I caught up with old friends, froze and chilled out. Then, in June, I retreated to the Swedish woods with family and mozzies, and that was immediately followed by heat too hot for the pool at the wonderful 12th International Conference on the Short Story in English in North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, end June, and my time in Connecticut with Paulette and George. September was York and erotica, and Divonne, France, for the Australia Festival, a very different venue, but one nurturing links with the Land of Oz. Such fun! Work, work, and a great weekend in Southern Styria, then work in October, a super visit and workshop by VG, seeing writers in action I love and respect (not necessarily both emotions together ;), and at last the paperback launch of the charity anthology, New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan.

There were low times and low downs, too, with the loss of two very dear friends.

I guess that feelings of what it was all about also led to a frenzy of mourning things I had long believed in that had turned out sour. But there is hope, if only people listen once they take off their power suits.
But who am I? And that´s not really so important. That thinking has lead me to try and find my own niche in writing and publishing. Yes, Sophie, I am lousy in marketing.
In 2013, I´m gonna go it alone. To heck if the brand doesn´t fit. Yes, I do have a purple T-shirt, and I can spit. Writing has always been important for me. The stories. The craft. The selling is too much like a day job. Even my day job today is not like a “day job”, thanks to the SchuBis.
No, 2013, will be great. Reclaiming a published story collection, working with a young independent publisher in Queensland on a new one. (Yes, I need those Oz links.) An erotica anthology, and the tough work of revising Tilly and Ambergris. And yes, another project: working to make the 13th International Conference on the Short Story in Englisha success.
But hey, the Possum is coming!
Have a great festive season, All. Embrace the New Year. Make it one you´d want your kids and their kids to enjoy and look back on with pride, even if those kids are not yours to keep, even if those kids just live next door, down the road, over the sea, are not even of your blood, your time, your place. They all come after us, so they´re our kids. We owe it to them. Oh, and, there is no such thing as power pyjamas!

4 thoughts on “It´s the season!

  1. Oh Merc, I’ve only just worked out how to comment since you changed your blog template as my browser hides the tabs – I thought you’d gone all, well, comment free! I am crap at marketing my brand too. But it’s because I haven’t forgotten I’m a person, and neither have you. That said, you do so bloody much, it’s a wonder you stay still long enough for anyone to put a label on you. Keep it up.I’m sorry you’ve had so much loss. You’ve been a beacon for me. Kindest festive wishes, Rae x

    1. Ha! I knew I wasn´t alone, Rae. Allbest to you for a great festive season in that land of the long white cloud, and thanks so much for hanging in there with me.

  2. You have done so much, and been such a wonderful writing friend to loads of people. yee ha! I am glad we met. And I am very sorry to hear of the sadnesses. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, and a great 2013, whatever it brings you. Vxx

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