Nude, glorious Nude(s)

I’ve just finished reading Nude and loved it. I’m going to try writing a review, for the discipline of articulating why I enjoyed Nuala’s story collection and in preparation for the upcoming book tour. Over in Kiwiland, Rachel at Snow like Thought has been inspired to write a whole batch of stories and post pastels of nudes. I’m still blocked, hence another attempt at a review, but AstridL has been kind enough to share pastels and drawings of nudes by Sharon Ratheiser. There are more drawings that she’ll let me have later as a reward for finishing the review.

7 thoughts on “Nude, glorious Nude(s)

  1. Thanks for linking into my blog. I find visualising words as paint to get through the block: it doesn’t matter what you put down, you have to mix it up a bit to get the colour you want and it looks different on the canvas than on the palette! Just write any old thing and let the words sort themselves out on the page! You can always erase the duff ones later! Looking forward to that review! I loved the book, too.

  2. Thanks for the pointer towards Nude. Definitely one I’ll be ordering. Great inspirational material. I love the titles of each story. I think that when you’re writing a collection of linked pieces, the titles are so important. As if you’re revealing and concealing simultaneously. I look forward to reading your review!

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